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Cmmercial Painting Contrator | Crain's Custom Painting paints the Traverse City and surrounding areas' businesses with efficiency, quality and many years of experience.

New Builds | Painting a newly built business or new commercial leases is a straightforward task. But , a general contractor must know that the hired painting contractor is immediately available and can get the job done quickly. Crain's Custom Painting has the experience that makes them a reliable and efficient painting contractor.

TIME IS MONEY! | General contractors have tight schedules. Business owners need work done when it does not interfere with daily operations. Property managers need apartments painted quickly so they can rent them out sooner. All commercial customers need a painting professional who is experienced enough to fulfill these requirements. We maintain flexible schedules for commercial work and would love to place a bid on your next project.

Fully Licensed and Insured

Call 1 (231) 943-3136 for more information. Please ask for Doug or leave a message.

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